Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends and family! 2015 was a very eventful year for us - we bought a house in April in Broomfield, Colorado, and have been hard at work turning it into our perfect little home. Rory has been especially busy, as while I do help out with all …

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Banane Glacé

The college culinary adventures continue! Tonight's dinner: a frozen banana, peanut butter, nutella concoction of pure joy. So Burlington has been hot lately. Very, very, very hot. Today was much better than the past few days, and a lot less humid, but still the idea of heating up my apartment with stove-top cooking was very …

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Possibly the Best PowerPoint Presentation Ever.

This is how my PowerPoint-illiterate brothers convinced my republican father to get them iPhones for their 18th birthday. Possibly the best/funniest thing I've ever seen. They also used a moment where they had my dad's attention to support the family's thoughts about moving to an area outside of Boston... all in all, a hilarious presentation. …

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