Quelle est la raison?

This summer, I have plans to spend 3 weeks in Sydney, Australia and 3 weeks in Shanghai, China with my best childhood friend, (and best friend forever, of course), Brittany. I naturally already planned on keeping in touch with everyone at home, and obviously planned on using my faithful canon rebel xsi to document the trip, but was urged as well by my new friend Ryan (whose name is not David) to create a travel blog. In this way, friends and family will get the update as I go, day by day – no “summaries and bullet points” at the end of this six week journey, but rather all details, big and small, being relayed back to you (whoever you may be…) in the excitement of the moment.

I really liked Ryan’s idea, so here I am: just finished with my last final of the year, hanging out on my lofted bed surveying the mess that is my dorm room trying to assimilate itself into a few boxes, while doing nothing productive… Just dreaming of the day 20 days from now, when Brittany and I will take off for Sydney. Yep, June 2 – July 10. I have never traveled without my family before (trips to Mass, New York, and various parts of New England in general don’t count!), and to be able to have that first experience with my best friend is also something I’m looking forward to very much. This trip has come to be a convenient one, so to speak, in that Brittany and I are staying with family friends on this journey. My parents used to live in Australia for two years, so we will be staying with the lovely Gareth and Russ Wild and their 22 year old son Zak out in Oyster Bay, just a half hour south of Sydney. Then Brittany’s parents recently moved to Shanghai for business, so guess who we are staying with in China? Ah, now if only I had family and friends in France, Spain, Ireland, Egypt, Chile… I’d be set for life!

I haven’t done much to prepare yet… I have thought about the trip, a lot, and I have wondered how little I can get away with packing without screwing myself over (I hate suitcases! But I can’t pack in a backpack – my camera bag has already claimed that space!), but otherwise little has been done. Oh yes, of course my dad is helping me out with visas for China – my whole family and Brittany’s brothers are meeting us in Shanghai for the last ten days of the trip, so he’s doing all of ours together. Makes life a bit easier for me, so I can’t complain!

And of course, my Journey (it’s getting the caps lock J now, that’s how excited I am for it!) will be documented in photographs- as many as are relevant will end up on here. My hopes for this blog is that it eventually will become “A Life Told in Photos”, that it won’t just be my travels, but all the photography I have time for and all the lessons I’ve learned along the way while literally and figuratively trying to look through life in as many different lenses as possible.

… I guess I should get back to working. This room isn’t going to pack itself, nor is my art project going to walk over to Williams Hall and hand itself in. So, I’ll end with a list of things I’d like to get accomplished on my journey. Expect another post soon – my thoughts are already shifting focus from my upcoming trips to my incredulousness that my first year at university has so quickly come to an end. Wow. What an overwhelming thought…

Australia goals:
-Sunset over Sydney Harbor photo (after playing around all day in Sydney, of course)
-Join a pickup frisbee game somewhere in the area (already emailed the NSW league and have a recommended location!)
-Drive on the right/wrong-depending-on-your-views side of the road successfully!
-Legally order my first drink in a bar, ever
-hang out at a beach, despite the fact it’s winter (a 70 degree winter sounds like perfect chillin’ by the ocean weather to me!)
-Visit Jade (Zak’s sister) in Brisbane!

Shanghai goals:
-experience extreme culture shock! Unfamiliar food, unfamiliar customs, unfamiliar everything – I wanna take it all on!
-world expos 2010. need i say more?
-gah! I don’t know what else! I guess I will be surprised!

goals for Both:

-pictures, pictures, pictures!
-keep up with this blog!


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