Bye-Bye, Burlington

Home at last!

Yes, eventually my dorm room did find its way neatly into boxes, backpacks, and the trunk of my dad’s car, and now here I am, lying in my big comfy bed in Connecticut. It’s kind of bittersweet to be home… I’m especially excited because over the last two years, I’ve become really close with my siblings – super close. I love them to death, and I have more fun with them than almost anybody I know. It’s pretty cool that all four of us are so close in age – the beauty of them being triplets is that it didn’t take years for all of us to click together, it happened all at once. Every time I come back from school, we can relate about more and more. So that, along with access to a vehicle, seeing my parents and dog, and having more than a 15×20 room to lounge around in is pretty awesome.

But the bitter is how much I love Burlington and how much I’m going to miss being up there. It was fantastic being able to walk and bike to wherever I needed to be; to have the mountains 20 minutes down the road for hiking, and the beach 10 minutes in the opposite direction for grilling and swimming… such simple things that make Vermont the most fantastic place.

I can’t believe a year has gone by already. It was the best year of my life, hands down. Being on my own, I had a lot of room to find out who I really was. Without any supervision and no guidance but my own judgment, I was able to keep a balance between everything – school work, frisbee team, the school newspaper, and my social life. Words can’t even express how satisfied I am with the last nine or ten months; so much happened, so many memories… it would take hours to go through it all.

Perhaps I’ll just reminisce through “a year in photos”… see if I can scrounge up the ones that sum it up best (click if you want to see them larger):

First off, of course we had “the three best friends”. I don’t know what I would have done without Jill and Joey this year – I would have survived, but life would have been very different.
Then came the frisbee ladies – I love every last one of them. I have never enjoyed anything more in my life than practicing, playing, and partying with these girls. They are my family when my real family can’t be there and they are amazing.
Danced the night away with some fools, on several occasions!
and who could forget halloween with the golden girls?
Hiked Stowe in early November – a lot of work, but very rewarding!
harassing our hall-mate/close friend John also consumed a lot of my time this year… time well spent, of course.
Oh yes, and of course we played in the snow lots – how could you not, when you go to school so far north it’s basically Canada?
And somewhere during all this, John Duffy entered my life. A friend of a friend, we clicked within minutes –  life has never been the same. It was a change for the best, no doubt about it.
The “three best friends” never disappeared, we stayed tight all year and enjoyed our spring skiing in style, as you can see!
And then there was springfest with these guys…
as well as all of them!
Finally, there were so many sunsets watched over the waterfront with so many different people – each was beautiful, unique, and special, and I look forward to many more in the future!

So thanks, Burlington, for everything. You’ve given me a lot this year, and I’ll be back for more soon!


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