If only…

Oh how I miss the winter…

Alright, let me back up a bit. I love Summer, I fully embrace its arrival… No classes, running around barefoot, pick-up ultimate, days at the beach and having time to travel up and down the coast visiting friends… What’s not to like?

But every few days, I find myself on the BroBomb blog to get my dose of off season ski info. They always have interesting stories and pretty damn good edits up, and it makes me pine for the mountains like nothing else. And of course, I keep up with everything going on at Mount Snow, my home mountain where I’ve been skiing, riding, and working for the last 7 years.  I had such a fantastic season… 40-50+ days on the mountain, which I think is pretty solid considering I was in school and the east coast got a pretty late start to winter. When I’m watching videos or reading posts, I can’t help but journey off into the land of flashbacks – spring skiing in shorts over mud patches, or in neon windbreakers straight from the 80’s, delicious waffles and picnics out of site off of a glades trail… riding the hills from first chair to last, then finishing the day with igloos, mario kart, good music and good friends… It’s pretty easy to see how even with the sunshine out my window, I can pine away for skiing and riding.

In my dream world, there’s always snow on the mountains, it’s always 80 at the beach, and everywhere in between it’s 70 and sunny with a refreshing breeze… oh yeah, and I’d still get paid to ski, the only difference is I’d get paid to do whatever I want instead of getting paid to teach 8 year olds! … if only!


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