Bondi, Darling, and Photos too

Well, yesterday was supposed to be our first cloudy-but-not-rainy day here in Sydney, but alas, it was drizzling and cold through most of the afternoon. Still, Gareth, Brit, and I persisted and made our way to Bondi, where we ate lunch at an Icebergs Club overlooking the beach. The Icebergs are a group of people in Sydney very similar to our Polar Bear Club members, who go out for a swim in the ocean every day, summer or winter, rain or shine. Their Clubhouse had three levels, the top two being quite nice restaurants with a fantastic view. We sat down for an hour or two to enjoy our meals and a beer, before heading out to explore the shops along Bondi. It ended up being a very successful day indeed, as we found 50% off Sydney sweatshirts and a few other trinkets to bring home. My favorite shop was actually an Aboriginal art gallery – there were some really amazing paintings, tapestries, and bowls, amongst other things, that I would have loved to bring home if it were not for the unaffordable (but predictable) price tags. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in the gallery, so I don’t have any documentation of the place other than my own memory.

After a few hours in town, we called it a day and headed home for dinner, some Phase 10, a little bit of TV, and bed. Right now it’s about 9:30 am on Tuesday, June 8, here in Sydney, and Brittany and I are planning to return to Darling Harbour for the afternoon. I say return because we went there on Sunday and had a great time – ate Yum Cha in nearby Chinatown, walked up and down the boardwalk looking at all the boats and funky bars, and spent a little bit of time in the mall there as well. However, It was rainy and gloomy, as predicted, and I am excited to go back today to get some better pictures. On our agenda, we’re hoping to go to the nearby shops, then head to the world’s largest IMAX theater, which is right on the harbour. Later this week or next, we’re hoping to return a third time with Zak to go to the Sydney Aquarium and perhaps even the Maritime Center. We haven’t seen tons yet, but out of everything in the city, so far Darling Harbour has been my favorite place. Shouldn’t be too long until we get to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and see the Sydney Opera House! I can’t wait!

From our seats at the Iceberg Club, we could see some lorikeets out the window!
The view from the balcony of the restaurant
On the balcony overlooking Bondi Beach
The pool that the Icebergs swim in each morning… the waves from the ocean fill the pool with water!
Brit on the balcony

Brit and I at Bondi
Goofing off at Bondi
Still goofing…
Bondi Beach!
I saw this in an antique shop and really liked it – It inspired me to start a little “wall art” of my own when I get home… more on that later!


5 thoughts on “Bondi, Darling, and Photos too

  1. Sean Mihaly

    Bondi is amazing! My family and I went to Australia back in 2005ish and the site where the pool is directly next to the ocean is a familiar one to me!

    God, I wish I could live there 😛

    1. Mom D.

      I agree…they are lucky! Thank you to Gareth, Russ and Zak for giving Meg and Brit this amazing journey. Keep the pictures coming…Meg you are awesome! I am booking my flight now!
      Love, Mom D.

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