Darling Harbour, Round 2

So on Tuesday, as planned, Brit and I returned to Darling Harbour for the afternoon. We spent a little more time wandering one of the shopping centers enjoying our frozen yogurts while  in search of some souvenirs to bring home. After that, we grabbed some lunch and a seat overlooking the harbour, people watching to pass the time. Finally, around 2:30, we headed over to the other side of the harbour and into the world’s largest IMAX theater. We figured we wanted to spend the afternoon relaxing and not doing too much, and that seeing the Prince of Persia would be a good way to pass the that time! The movie was great, the IMAX was really cool, and we got out just in time to see the end of the sunset before heading back to our train home. All in all, a pretty relaxing and enjoyable day!

Wednesday and today were quite similar – wednesday Brit and I headed to a nearby mall (supposedly the largest in the southern hemisphere?) to see if we could sort out a phone situation, and having done that the best we could, headed back home to enjoy dinner with Zak. Today was a day of total relaxation, consisting only of reading, watching a bit of TV, and going for a run around the neighborhood. As I sit, the sun is beginning to set over the river Gareth’s house overlooks, and brittany is napping on the couch. Such a chill day is a good thing, in my opinion. We have plenty of time to see more of Sydney and Australia, as we still have nearly two weeks until we leave. Besides, we need to conserve our energy for tomorrow night, when we’ll be going out with Zak and his friends to get a drink before watching the first game of the world cup on a giant screen that’s been set up on the water at Darling Harbour! It should be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to it all!

Darling Harbour on a Sunny Afternoon

The end of the sunset over Darling Harbour

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