Sydney Harbour and So Much More!

It was such a busy weekend, I can hardly figure out in my mind all of what we did and when we did it!

On Friday, Brit and I finally met Jade, Gareth’s daughter, and the four of us made our way to Sydney Harbour to see the Opera House and Sydney Bridge. It was another perfect, sunny afternoon, and we had a lot of fun goofing off and taking some very touristy photos before hopping on the ferry to Manly Beach. Once at Manly, Brit and I experienced our first meat pies and sausage rolls ever – a concept which seemed to shock Jade, as they’re so common here in Australia. We continued to wander around a bit more in and out of shops, along the beach, and into a small local art museum before getting back on the ferry and making our way home. Very shortly after, Zak returned from a job interview and the four of us along with Katie (Zak’s girlfriend) and a few others headed out into the city for a long night of adventures. We started at a German restaurant, then tried to get into a casino where we were denied entry because Brit and I didn’t have Australian licenses. Apparently photocopies of passports along with a US driver’s license isn’t enough proof of identity here, as one female door woman demanded that we have our original passports if we wanted to enter. So, of course, we left! We ended the night at a pub overlooking the water at Darling Harbour before heading home for the night.

On Saturday, I finally got to meet the Roe family – very close friends of my parents from when they lived here in their 20’s. We saw them again today for lunch, where they pulled out old photo albums and were reminiscing on all the things they and my parents had done in their twenties… it was funny to think my parents had lives before I existed, and even funnier to think that one day this would be me pulling out albums for my kids, trying to prove to them that I used to be cool and young too. It was really funny, we looked through tons of photos for at least an hour, I’d say… On Wednesday Brit and I are going to meet up with their oldest son, Lucas, who’s offered to show us around his school, Sydney University. They’re a great group of people and I’m really glad I’ve finally gotten to meet them after how much I’ve heard about them from my mom and dad . It’s nice knowing that I have established friendships here now, hopefully ones that will last for the rest of my life.

And lastly, on Sunday, Jade’s dad Jeff took us all out to a really delicious seafood lunch in La Perouse at a place called Danny’s. It overlooked the ocean, a winding road, and some green hills, and sitting at our table on the balcony in the sun – the view was fantastic… as was the food! I enjoyed a delicious plate of salmon and mashed potatoes, split a calamari appetizer with Jade, and finished with a fresh bowl of strawberries topped with some vanilla ice cream – all Jeff’s generous treat to us girls, and very appreciated as well!

Ended the day with dinner at Jeff’s before saying goodbye to Jade, who is staying the night there and leaving to go home to Brisbane early tomorrow morning. We’ll miss her, but she’s promised to come see us in the states within the next few years, so that’s something to look forward to. Can’t believe we’re already past the halfway point in the Australia trip – China is so close!

And the touristy photos commence – Jade, Brit, and I in front of the opera house
Again in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
The opera house again
Brit and I
Jade being dramatic, as usual!

Aboriginal street performers at Sydney Harbour

Our first meat pies – they were from a small, gourmet specialty shop and they were delicious!
Manly Beach
We may not have gotten into the casino, but we sure as hell weren’t going to leave without getting a picture with the valet!

4 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour and So Much More!

  1. Rachel S

    Ummm Yummmm, Meat pies? That is pretty much the best food ever created, its a pie and its full of meat? What are the chances you could shove one of those in your suitcase, take it to China….. and it would still be edible by the time you make it back this way? I love the pics Meg!!!! Keep the post coming 🙂

  2. stacey the sis-in-law

    sooo awesome!!! The pics are great!

    I hope Brit didn’t turn one of those “aboriginals” into her boyfriend. That goes for you too Meg!

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