Goodbye, Australia, You Will Be Missed!

Well, it’s our last day in Australia! Brit and I are spending it doing laundry, cleaning up, packing, and relaxing – all in preparation for our 11 hour flight to Shanghai tomorrow morning! We’ve been pretty busy the last few days… our schedule looked something like this:

Thursday: Rain. Shopping and Sydney Aquarium – saw the biggest stingrays I’ve ever seen in my life, along with some dugongs, sharks, and a platypus! Brit and I both laughed and said the same thing when we saw the platypus: beanie babies lied. They are NOT purple and orange. I don’t think we expected them to be, but at the same time, we never saw them portrayed any other way…

Friday: Sun! Drive to Berrara, stop in a few small towns and scenic spots on the way down. Took a short walk through “the bush” (or what we americans would call “woods” or “forest”) then back for a delicious dinner of lamb and some crazy good salad.

Saturday: Sun again!  2-ish mile walk along the beach in Berrara, along with a short bike ride around the neighborhood, then in for the night. Collected some sweet shells and saw two eels in a tide pool… even creepier than depicted in “the little mermaid”, if you were wondering…

Sunday: Sunny again – such good luck! Pack up and head out of Berrara, stop at a national park for a 5.5 kilometer hike through the rainforest. Saw some HUGE fig trees and a waterfall while we were out there.

Monday: Cloudy… but not too bad at all. Toured Russ’s factory, then headed up to the blue mountains for some more rainforest hiking and a view of the famous Three Sisters!

And that’s been it up until now! I’ll throw on the accumulation of pictures to end the post, then off to pack!

Giant Stingrays at Sydney Aquarium
Scenic stop on the way to Berrara
It might have been REALLY windy… taking a picture together was rather difficult.
Another scenic stop at “the little blowhole”… a spot on the way to Berrara where the pressure from the tide forces water to shoot up 100 m. out of a small tunnel in the rocky shoreline… unfortunately, the tide was low and we witnessed very little of this phenomenon, but the scenery was great nonetheless!
Wandering in Berrara
The beach at Berrara
More Berrara
Berrara… again… haha
The eels! The pole on the left belonged to one of the fishers – she was trying to push them from the shallow water on the rock back into the ocean.
Saw an absolutely gorgeous sunset while in Berrara… wish I’d had my SLR on me – this picture was taken with my old powershot… not bad, but doesn’t nearly capture the actual beauty of the real thing!
Hiking in Minnamurra Rainforest
ENORMOUS fig tree in Minnamurra!
Minnamurra Falls
Hiking in the Blue Mountains
More hiking in the Blue Mountains
Three cockatoos with the three sisters in the background
Another hiking trail we could see from ours – if/when I come back, I would love to do that one, along with a few others we could see as we went along!
The Three Sisters!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Australia, You Will Be Missed!

  1. Kimberley

    Megan! What a wonderful gift your blogs are! Have a wonderful tiem in China. What an experience you’ve had so far!

  2. Rachel S

    Absolutely amazing pictures! I can not wait to see China…. Have a safe trip over. Give everyone a big hug from me when you arrive!

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