A Walk Around the Block

Last night was (finally!) a clear night, so we took a stroll around Shanghai to look at the lights and the River. And I’ve got to say, the longer I’m here, the more I realize how wrong I was. I wrote in a previous post that the expats said they felt safe in Shanghai, but I didn’t know if I’d be so comfortable walking around the city myself. Well, at the time we’d only been in the car, and all I’d seen was the traffic and the chaotic driving. Walking around recently, I’ve learned that everything is a sort of organized chaos, and it seems there isn’t a single soul with a bad intention. It’s actually been quite nice walking, and the pictures from yesterday and last night turned out well… here’s just a few of my favorites:

At the local markets

I don’t think Shanghai understands the concept of fire hydrants… I’m pretty sure that’s just stuck half deep in the sidewalk with no connection to running water… and these are all over the place!
Inside one of the local markets
Would anyone like a shotgun full of tequila?
The Pearl Tower at night
The pedestrian walkway in front of the Pearl Tower
More of the view from the pedestrian walkway
There are lights all over the trees on the roads that lead to the expo
The Pearl Tower at a new angle
More of the lights in the trees
The river
Most of the buildings seem to be lit up at night! Kinda neat!

One thought on “A Walk Around the Block

  1. Oh my gosh your pictures are so amazing!!!!! I am loving the buildings and all the bright colors…. I am now sitting in your room wishing I was going to be arriving there with everyone else 😦 I can not wait to see more. I LOVe you guys.

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