Taikang, Nanjing, and the Bund

Today was another busy day, as is usual lately! We headed out for lunch around 11, and found ourselves walking in Taikang Lu (“lu” being the Mandarin word for road), an area of narrow lanes and alleys filled with cafes, shops, and a lot of local art. It was a really awesome community – the kind you imagine when you hear someone say “China”. We strolled the area, and between lunch, exploring, and checking out the local stores, we probably spent a good 3 hours there before heading over to Nanjing Dong Lu (Dong meaning “East”, so all together, East Nanjing Road). Nanjing Lu is known for two things, from what I gathered – its high end shopping and its crowds. We walked past (and window shopped) stores like Nike, Chanel, Lacoste, and watch and jewelry shops boasting high end accessories (such as Rolex watches). The most astounding thing to me though was the amount of people in this area, there had to have been thousands upon thousands of people weaving their way in and out of crowds and mopeds and bikes and busses, hopping from shop to shop. The walk from one end to the other, with all the distractions, took about an hour, and we ended at the Huangpu river’s pedestrian walkway, the Bund – a road of distinct buildings that Shanghai is famous for. Originally part of the English Concession, the buildings on the Bund have that old European feel to them, and we soon found ourselves on top of building #3 at the New Heights Bar, where we had a great view of the skyline on the Pudong side of the River. After all this, we headed to dinner back in Pudong (where the apartment is located) and went home to pack for tomorrow – when we leave for our two day trip to Beijing! We will fly out early in the morning and land after about two hours, and from there we will spend the rest of the day site seeing, spend the night in the hotel, and finish Wednesday with the Great Wall and the Forbidden City before heading back to Shanghai that night. So much to do in such a short period of time, and I can’t wait! The trip seems to get more and more exciting every day that passes!

Mike and Dave (and Catie too) at Taikang Lu
Dad, Catie, and me
The streets in Taikang Lu

More of Taikang Lu
Mike being a world traveller

This man in Taikang Lu was painting the most detailed black and white landscapes using nothing but his fingers! It was really interesting to watch, and they only cost about $4, so I bought one to bring home with me
A fruit peddler on the sidewalk
Nanjing Dong Lu was packed with people, it was pretty chaotic trying to get through the crowds
The building on the Bund where we stopped at New Heights for drinks – supposedly the same bar where Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes
Mike and Dave on the roof overlooking the Bund
My siblings and I on the deck of New Heights… you can kind of make out the Pearl Tower across the river and through the fog in the background

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