It was all a dream… and if you don’t know, now you know.

Well, I’ve been home a month now and life certainly has settled back into its old routine. I have been working, swimming laps, making trips to Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts, and playing a lot of Wednesday night frisbee. For all I know, the trip to Australia and China was just a dream. A very lovely, long, exciting dream.

But again, in just a few short weeks, my schedule will get all shook up as I transition from one home to another, leaving the comforts of my family and childhood friends in Connecticut and heading back to the high energy, intellectual atmosphere of the library, lecture halls, and dorm rooms. It’s a bittersweet time of year – just as I get settled back at home and am really starting to see my old high school friends on a regular basis again, they are slowly one by one being whisked away back to their respective universities until finally, in just 16 days (but really, who’s counting?) it will be my turn. Another summer down, and I just keep getting closer and closer to being let out as a “real adult” in the “real world”. I wonder where I will end up, and what I will be doing… a writing teacher, a French teacher, the owner of a small ski shop, working marketing or PR for a ski resort, working sales at the same company for which three generations of my family has worked… in Vermont, in Massachusetts, in Paris or Montreal… who knows. Nowadays, with all the technology that’s available, the world has just gotten smaller and the opportunity to do anything you want just keeps growing, leaving so many doors open and so many options available. Or, so I hope…

At the very least, I’m excited to return to my classmates who I’ve missed these last 2-3 months and to get involved again with something intellectually stimulating (oh my gosh, did I just admit that I’m looking forward to classes? I really must be growing up… oh no!). There’s not much to do between now and then but wait… so I guess the game commences. August, bring it on.


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