First Photo “Gig”

Okay, so “gig” is probably an exaggeration, but last Saturday I actually got to put my camera to use! My good friend happens to be the school newspaper’s photo editor, and she asked me if I’d help her out and join her on a photo expedition to snap some shots of the Burlington Farmer’s Market for this week’s Vermont Cynic feature article. My job with the Cynic in the past has simply been to help upload articles to their website on Monday nights – though I have wanted to get more hands on for a while now, so I’m excited to finally be involved in the photographic side of things. Hopefully this will continue, I enjoyed the outing a lot!

However, I’m going to apologize right now for the quality of the editing (i.e. the cheesy edge blur, etc)… I got a new computer recently (yay!) and no longer have the photo editing program I used to use, and am therefore stuck using iphoto in the meantime (boo!). Hopefully this will be fixed soon. For now, I’ll just have to make do with what is available…

Oh, and complete change of topic, but apparently this page has officially had over 2,000 hits during its 3-month life span.  I find this surprising, but hey – cool! Thanks for reading!

Farmer’s Market Photos:

At the Burlington Farmer’s Market

These carrots were pretty much asking for their photo to be taken…

Homemade Soaps! According to the father of these two adorable children, the little 8 y.o. boy has had his photo in the newspaper 6 times, that they are aware of. What a photogenic little kid!

Fresh veggies … so good!


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