An Eventful Weekend, to Say the Least!

This weekend was fantastic, even when considering the fact that our Montreal tournament was canceled due to the mass amounts of rain we got during the week.

Saturday night, I headed to UVM’s a cappella performance, featuring the Hit Paws, Cat’s Meow, and Top Cats. With me were Kruti and Sarah, two other photographers for The Cynic, and we spent the night snapping photos and enjoying the fantastic music. I have mixed feelings about my photos – anyone else who has gone through “the learning stages” of photography can relate to my pain – a dimly lit room, movement, no flash, and red lights amount to a lot of frustration and difficulties – particularly blurring and noise.  Finally I was able to set my ISO and shutter speed up well enough to get down to work. My saving grace from that night is my ability to digitally edit photos (still working with iphoto… I miss having lightroom on my computer!)  Between Kruti, Sarah, and I, I have a feeling the photo we use for the article won’t come from me, but I really enjoyed the experience nonetheless – as is every photo expedition, it was a great opportunity to learn more about my camera, its functions, and photo composition.

Then, on Sunday, the Greenhouse Residential Learning Community had their annual Harvest Festival. We headed out to the YCC Barn in Richmond for contra dancing, spoon whittling, pumpkin carving, mushroom hunting, frisbee throwing, and chowing down on delicious local foods – chicken, tofu, salad, home made stew, delicious bread, baked butternut squash, fresh pressed cider, homemade ice cream with apple crisp… the list just goes on and on. It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny in the mid-50’s, and it felt so good to spend the day out in the fresh air.

And with that, I leave you with about 20-something photos from these two events! I tried to narrow it down to the best, and still ended up with so many… it’d be impossible to pick just one from each. And besides… it’s more fun to look at more photos anyways! So without further ado…

Oh, and click on the pictures! They look so much better viewed larger!

Hit Paws

The Cat’s Meow
The Top Cats – Owen Rachampbell
The Top Cats
Owen was so photogenic! The pictures of him turned out fantastically.

I’m not familiar with the names of all the Top Cats, so I can’t say specifically who this is, but along with Owen, he was very photogenic and also had a lot of great shots that night!

I loved the dancing!
Eli carving himself a spoon at the Harvest Festival on Sunday

The YCC barn in Richmond, VT
Collin enjoying the sun
Splitting wood for the spoons
Terry’s son, Noah!
We also were able to carve pumpkins… not sure why I decided mine needed to have weird ears…

2 thoughts on “An Eventful Weekend, to Say the Least!

  1. Kruti Kansara :)

    You crazy girl. Most photographers who are new to photography and were presented with a challenge like the one you seemed to be presented with at the acapella show, wouldn’t have done nearly half as much as you did. You didn’t use a flash to be considerate of the performers as well as the audience. Instead of just going ahead and taking mediocre photos, you sat there for a good portion of the show trying every possible combination you could to get the best possible photos you could. That’s a lot more than most people would have done. Going through as many photos as I do a day, it’s blatantly obvious who actually cares about getting quality photos and who just takes photos without much thought.

    Your photos came out BEAUTIFULLY and they will only get better with practice. Love <3.

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