Photoshop Success

I know what you’re thinking: two posts in one day? That’s a little excessive. Under normal circumstances, I would agree! However, I recently obtained access to Photoshop CS5 and I just started playing with it tonight, and I cannot contain my joy (remember my heartbreak when I lost Lightroom last summer?). Just compare the two photos below: same photo, but one was edited with the software that comes standard on all macs, iPhoto, and one was edited with PS CS5. I thought the iPhoto one looked pretty okay when I played around with it last fall, but now it just looks like simple child’s play in comparison to the new version. I am elated.

Viewing tip: if you are using a Mac and want to view both pictures at the same time, press “command” and the “-” key simultaneously and your window will zoom out. To zoom back in, just press “command” and the “+” key.

Original: edited with iPhoto
Updated: edited with Photoshop CS5

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