Bread, galore!

I think I’m addicted to making bread. I love it. I’m working on baguettes right now, as well as a delicious sounding rosemary bread… and it’s after midnight. I’ve got a late night bug in me, but it’s a productive one, so I think I’m okay with that. Besides, we have a lot of company coming skiing with us this weekend, might as well make enough for everyone to enjoy at dinner! I find bread making to be a very soothing activity, and deliciously rewarding. No bread machines over here, 100% hand made, which just adds to the feeling of accomplishment when all  is said and done. I need to make sure I have a time consuming job this summer, or else I’m going to spend all of my time baking. Luckily for my friends, that might just mean lots of dinner parties. Or, I could package it and sell it fresh…

Tell me what you think! If someone you knew was selling home-made breads (and potentially other baked goods) from their apartment, would you buy it? What if they offered to deliver fresh bread to your door once a week? What would you pay for that kind of service (also assuming the bread is good quality bread!)


2 thoughts on “Bread, galore!

  1. If I knew them and it was good bread I would buy it. I imagine that selling that way would be really hard though because you would have to build up a lot of trust with people you don’t know for them to buy your produce.
    Are there any local delis or anything you could ask to stock your bread?

    1. I think I would see if I could talk to a local deli. To be in a farmer’s market I would have to actually be a small business, which I definitely don’t have time for 🙂 I was thinking mostly of college students like myself, maybe get word of mouth out through my friends. Haven’t really made plans, just daydreaming 🙂 thanks for the feedback and ideas!

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