Possibly the Best PowerPoint Presentation Ever.

This is how my PowerPoint-illiterate brothers convinced my republican father to get them iPhones for their 18th birthday. Possibly the best/funniest thing I’ve ever seen. They also used a moment where they had my dad’s attention to support the family’s thoughts about moving to an area outside of Boston… all in all, a hilarious presentation.


I think my favorite part might be the slide with the Photo Booth picture of my dad in sunglasses, and the little hand holding an iPhone coming out of his shoulder. Or maybe it’s the “republican friendly apps” slide. I can’t decide, but good for them, because it worked! Happy birthday to the best siblings in the world, love all three of you – even if Catie wasn’t involved in making an awesome PowerPoint presentation.



3 thoughts on “Possibly the Best PowerPoint Presentation Ever.

  1. Rachel

    Meg, im so beyond excited you posted this! Their awesome, the bros, the phones, and your parents for rewarding these two! Haha I love the slide of the dumpy old house! Maybe I need an iphone too?? I don’t want to end up there either! Thanks again for making my night 🙂

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