Living Like a “Grown-Up”

For the first time in my life, I am living alone. Really, truly, 100% alone! My roommate, Lenore, who I lived with my freshman year in the dorms, won’t be moving in until late August, so I am here in my two bedroom apartment in Burlington by myself. After two years of living in a single 12’x14′ room with another person, and after an entire life of sharing a house with two parents, three siblings, and one or two large dogs at any given time, being alone feels kind of… weird. It’s quiet, very quiet, and strangely I find the need to clean up after myself and make my bed and do all the dishes despite the fact that there is nobody else here to be annoyed by the mess (mom is reading this thinking, no way in Hell is this actually my daughter typing this!). Then it’s super relaxing. I can read a book in my underwear in the living room without making anybody feel odd, or play country music without being glared at! Now that is freedom. Sometimes it is boring, of course. I usually try to make dinners with friends, go out for a walk, do something – anything – social. But some nights, everybody is just busy, and my closest friends are my pajamas, books, and the television. Nothing wrong with that.

I’m 100% moved in too. I don’t like the “I’m half living here” feeling, I never have, even in those tiny dorm rooms. My room has my bed and dresser from home, my walls are adorned with my favorite posters, the living room is cozy with a few couches and a rug, my bookshelf is stacked with a variety of novels, texts, and movies, and I have enough dishes, cups, baking sheets, pots, pans, and silverware to feed an army of people at a moment’s notice. They’d be dining on mac ‘n’ cheese, but it could be done.

I am also currently jobless. I’m taking 14 credits of classes this summer, and it’s been a bit overwhelming. Starting next week I will be taking three classes at once, and one of my professors so kindly reminded me recently that one day of class in summer school is equal to one week of class during the regular fall or spring term. So I will be taking about 3 weeks of courses every day that I am in class for the next four weeks. Hence, jobless.

Well, not entirely. I’ve made an agreement with UVMtv’s vice president to take on the task of designing a marketing campaign for the club, as well as to work with him on creating the blueprints for an advertising force to bring in some money and retain a steady stream of local clients. I’ve done a little outlining for that so far, and we should be meeting next week to discuss it further, so I’m pretty excited. I am expecting to go into marketing when I graduate, and I had a great time doing advertising sales for UVM’s student newspaper, The Cynic, so this should be a relatively enjoyable project. I’m not getting paid, but I’m sure I’ll get a great experience out of it and will be able to continue learning more about the industry via this hands on work, so I’m excited for that. Outside of the job at UVMtv, I’m on the hunt for internships! Life’s looking good, if things keep going this way.

Coming soon, I will have some photos to post. I took my first hike at Camel’s Hump recently, hopefully some of the shots from that came out well. It was a 7.6 mile journey up the Monroe Trail to where it connects with the Long Trail to lead to the peak, and it was so worth it. Absolutely stunning from bottom to top. For now though, it’s probably about time I got some shut-eye. Big day tomorrow – phone interview for an internship, meeting the family for whom I’ll be dog-sitting, and hopefully driving to Massachusetts to spend the weekend with some good family friends! In between all that – homework. I’m going to need some rest, so here I shall say adieu. Avez des bons rêves, mes amis.


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