Summer Sights

I don’t post all my pictures or update everything I do here, of course, but of all the photos that I’ve taken so far this summer, there are two events that I believe are quite blog-worthy. The first grouping of photos come from a hike I took solo up Camel’s Hump last month. It was my first trip, and will definitely not be my last. The views were breathtaking the whole way up, but nothing compares to what is seen from the top. The second set of photos are from this past weekend – my close friend Meghan is lucky enough to have a grandfather who lives on a farm and who generously invited friends and relatives from all over to make camp in his backyard the last two days for a weekend of pig-roasting, pond swimming, and corn-holing. It was a four and a half hour drive from our apartments up here in Burlington, but it was well worth the trip – can’t wait to go back!

Camel’s Hump, Vermont

Butterflies at the base of the trail
Almost at the top…

The peak!

The Arpino Family Farm

The pig! Post-roast. Wish I’d gotten a picture while it was on the spit!

Meghan and her Dad
The four of us who made the journey from Vermont
The massive bonfire later Saturday night


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