Annual(ish) Update

Incredible. The last time I posted on my blog was over a year ago. I had high hopes and big dreams. Well then, nothing has changed!

Except, of course, things have. I had high hopes and big dreams and landed myself a job doing sales for a regional publication in Boulder, Colorado. That turned out to be a flop – getting paid wasn’t a realistic expectation, nor was the notion of ever being respected. And yes, I know I may sound a bit like a snot-nosed kid when I say, “they didn’t give me any respect!” but you try working for a company where your boss, the owner of the company, calls you “stupid new girl” for a month and doesn’t think it’s a problem to never pay you on time or in full. I stand by my assertion – the publisher there had no respect for any of her employees, and experiences high turn-over due to her lack of management skills and tact.

However, working there did do a few good things for me:

  1. It got me on my feet in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, where I’ve met wonderful people, experienced amazing skiing, and have had fantastic adventures.
  2. I met my current boyfriend while working at that hell hole. Rory was hired as a graphic designer about two months before I quit. Now, he’s doing packaging design for major food companies – you know that pasta sauce at the grocery store with that super cool label that makes you just want to grab it off the shelf? He designed that. He’s the most “real” relationship I’ve ever had. We are quite mutually extremely happy together, and I believe he’ll be in my life for a long time. So, that awful job did lead me to love!
  3. My new job is incredible. I work in marketing for three companies, technically; they are sister companies with the same owner and a shared marketing department. One is a major climbing wall manufacturer – we’ve built incredible projects, including climbing gyms, university facilities, and even this guy. The other company makes adventure industry equipment – zip line brakes, auto belays, free fall devices, and the like.  The final company is a handhold company, which is going through a major re-branding and product re-development project this year, which is really exciting to be a part of. I’m currently the marketing coordinator, but there’s already conversations of moving to a manager’s position by next summer. The opportunity to grow here is amazing; the company has practically doubled in size in the last two years, and continues to grow as the months pass by.

There have been other amazing new developments in my life over the last year too, but those three are the ones that stand out to me the most. It’s been amazing being in Colorado, and I know I’ll be here a little longer, but ultimately I know the Atlantic is calling to me. I’m going to enjoy the time I have left here, but I’m looking forward to another new adventure down the road.


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